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What is Tea Plays about?

Together with our selected organic tea manufacturer in Yunnan, we aim to bring the understanding of how herbs and teas work and their healing powers to make a healthy impact to the world, by making tea-drinking fun, simple and sharing.

Our teas blend with stories, feelings and warmth, but without additives, fragrances and pesticides.

Our Mission

To disrupt the conventional profit structure in the tea business by sourcing directly from tested tea plantations, working directly with the tea farmers and bringing back positive social impact on the most remote regions that are ecologically safest.

To gear innovation in the traditional manufacturing business by selecting the most dynamic factory that is open to fast and swift production, reactive to the young market, to effectively reduce inventory, cut wastes, and energize the production workers.

Our Vision

To create a more connected and playful society through an innovative, new take on tea. To combine traditional culture and modern upgrades to suit a diverse and ever-changing world. To combat the paradox of choice by designing a distinct experience based on moods. To provide a healthy and high quality product to all Tea Players!